Required theoretical course

Theoretical course

Following the entry into force in September 2008 of the new regulations on the protection of animals, new dog owners are required to undergo theoretical and practical training to enable them to learn how to properly care for their pet.
At the end of this, they obtain a certificate of proficiency. The courses are taught by dog trainers who have, for their part, received specific training independent of a profession. Specific regulations apply to the training of guard/security dogs.

Theoretical training before acquiring a dog

  • Duration: 4 hours (2 times 2 hours)
  • Location: Chablais/Monthey
  • Hours: morning and afternoon
  • Number of participants: min. 6 people
  • Languages: French, German, English
  • The official certificate of proficiency is awarded at the end of the course.
Price: on demand

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The official attestations are included.

Course schedule for dog owners