Mandatory practical course

Mandatory practical course for dogs and dog owners

Any person who acquires a dog must, even if he has already owned one previously, follow a practical course in the year following acquisition.
In this course, the owner will learn how to keep the animal under control in everyday situations, to identify risk situations and defuse them, and to correct any of the dog’s behavioural problems.

Practical training after acquiring a dog

  • Duration: min. 4 hours (1-hour courses)
  • Location: Monthey and Martigny
  • Hours: on request
  • Number of participants: 1 to 4 people
  • Languages: French, German, English
  • The official certificate of competence is awarded at the end of the course
  • In the canton of Valais, monitoring of 6 courses are entitled to a reduction of CHF 20. – On the medal
Price: on demand

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The official attestations are included.

Course schedule for dog owners

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