Private lessons for dogs

Private lessons for dogs and dog owners

If you are encountering problems with your dog and you wish to improve/perfect its education

Private lessons for dogs and owners: working method

Our private lessons for dogs aims to teach you how to improve the education of your dog.
There are many ways to educate and train a dog. Our method, called soft occurs without brutality, in respect of the animal, by communication, limiting the constraints.
The education of your dog must be done in the game, with complicity, calmly, it soothes your 4 legged companion and makes it more responsive.

Our method, private lessons for dogs, takes into account:

Where, when and in which languages to give our private lessons for dogs
  • Course Location: Chablais, Monthey
  • Hours: on demand
  • Languages: French, German, English
Price: on demand

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